A great community starts with great education.

We believe that a solid educational foundation sets the stage for future success – both for individuals and our community as a whole. We’re proud to have excellent educational opportunities available in our community, starting with K-12 school systems all the way to graduate-level programs.

Howard County has 5 public school systems in our community, each offering a unique approach to educating our youngest citizens. Four of the 5 public school systems in Howard County posted graduation rates above the state average of 89.8% for the 2013-2014 school year. Click the school name below top visit them for more information.


 Corporation                                               # Schools  Total Enrollment 2017 Graduation Rate        
 Kokomo School Corporation  11  6,546  82.4%
 Northwestern School Corporation  4  1,753  98.43%
 Western School Corporation  4  2,632  97.25%
 Eastern Howard School Corporation   3  1,465  96.88%
 Taylor Community School Corporation    3  1,259  85.14%

Source: Indiana Department of Education, December 2015


In addition to the 5 public school systems listed below, Howard County offers several additional private school systems, including Redeemer Lutheran SchoolSts. Joan of Arc & Patrick SchoolAcacia Academy and more.
Founded in 1945, Indiana University Kokomo is a regional campus of the Indiana University system that offers a variety of degree concentrations, including business, allied health sciences, hospitality and tourism, nursing, humanities, and more. Indiana University Kokomo offers 38 undergraduate degrees (associate and bachelor), 6 graduate programs, and 12 certificate programs. Over 440 students graduate from IU Kokomo each year.

 A regional campus of Indiana’s largest public university, Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo Region offers a variety of hands-on degree-earning programs, including advanced manufacturing, automotive technology, nursing, computer science, and industrial technology. Each year, over 700 graduates earn an associate degree from Ivy Tech’s Kokomo campus from one of its 49 undergraduate programs. A recent partnership between Ivy Tech and Indiana University, the ABC Program, allows full-time Ivy Tech students to transfer to IU Kokomo to earn a bachelor’s degree more quickly and easily.

Purdue  Polytechnic Institute Kokomo provides several technology-focused courses of study that are relevant to Kokomo’s advanced manufacturing focus, including  supply chain management technology and engineering technology. The campus offers 7 bachelor’s degrees and 1 associate degree locally as well 1 certificate program. The school graduates about 35 students each year.

Indiana Wesleyan University in Kokomo offers concentrations in business, management, healthcare, education, and more with a Christian foundation. The campus offers 15 undergraduate degrees, 5 masters programs, and 10 certificate programs. The Kokomo Education and Conference Center also serves as a frequent destination for corporate training events, professional development meetings, and Chamber strategic discussion groups.