We’ll help you identify and work with investors.

No real surprise here to anyone who’s tried to start a business: most technology entrepreneurs just don’t have the personal finances to launch or operate a business on their own. Outside capital is often needed.

If that’s your situation, Inventrek can help. We can identify multiple sources of funding that may be available to you. This funding might include …

  • non-equity funding – bootstrapping, for instance, government grants, or debt financing – received from cash sources obtained without having to give up ownership shares of your company
  • equity capital, which does require you to give a percentage of ownership to the investor – such as a friend or family member, angel investors, and venture capitalists

Obviously, you need first to review your market opportunities, business concept, financial plan, and investment potential in order to determine what funding is needed. Once you’ve done that, Inventrek can assist you in timing the infusion of capital into your business.

Note that …

  • The longer you can delay seeking equity investors, the more value you can build into your business prior to selling equity.
  • Bootstrapping (which involves using your own resources and running your business frugally) and grants from federal and other agencies are considered “free” sources of funding. That is, no interest is charged and there’s no loss of ownership as a result of their use. These sources allow your company to get off the ground, grow, and achieve some milestones before you turn to seeking equity investment.

For access to the capital you need, contact the Alliance to learn more about how Inventrek can help.