Kokomo is located in north central Indiana, approximately 60 miles north of the state capital of Indianapolis. With the completion of the new U.S. 31 Corridor, Kokomo is even more conveniently accessible. Kokomo is the seat of Howard County, which also contains the towns of Russiaville and Greentown.


Howard County is bordered by Cass and Miami counties to the north, Grant County to the east, Carroll County to the west, Clinton County to the southwest, and Tipton County to the south.


Due to its central location, Kokomo and Howard County are easily accessible via a number of highways and interstates and are located within driving distance from a number of large Midwestern cities.
Interstate Distance 
Kokomo to:  Distance (miles)
 I-65  41
 I-69  32
 I-70  52
 I-74    56
 I-465  40


Distance to Major Cities
Kokomo to:  Distance (miles)
Indianapolis  60
Chicago  155
Louisville  170
Columbus, OH  218
Detroit    250