Kokomo Sculpture Walk celebrates public art with nine unique pieces

The new round of the Kokomo Sculpture Walk features pieces from artists around the country through April 2023
Take a stroll along trails through downtown Kokomo as you check out each of these unique sculptures. The Greater Kokomo Downtown Association and the City of Kokomo have installed nine new sculptures throughout the downtown area. These pieces vary in size and style and come from artists around the country.
The new pieces are on display along the Industrial Heritage Trail and the Kokomo Riverwalk.
The artists and sculptures are listed below:
1. “Turn Around” by Georgianna Krieger, Oakland, CA
2. “Mobile Home” by Andrew Arvenetes, DeKalb, IL
3. “Excelerator” by Ray Katz, Pontiac MI
4. “Salude” by John Adduci, Chicago, IL
5. “After Hide” by Andrew Hellmund, St. Peter, MN
6. “Terning” by Michael Young, Chicago, IL
7. “Patrol the Pigeon” by Justin Kenney, Battleboro, VT
8. “Ring Walker” by Ray Katz, Pontiac, MI
9. “Reel Life” by Michael Young, Chicago, IL

Find more information on the Kokomo Sculpture Walk, including artist information and descriptions of each piece, by downloading the Kokomo, Indiana mobile app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

#5 After Hide
#3 Excelerator
#2 Mobile Home
#7 Patrol the Pigeon
#9 Reel Life
#8 Ring Walker
#6 Terning
#4 Salude
#1 Turn Around