This is the help you need to accelerate your business growth.

With the targeted array of resources and services we offer as part of our business incubation program, Inventrek Technology Park can help your technology-driven start-up take off.

Our main goal is to produce successful firms that can eventually leave our incubation program financially viable and free standing.

Our graduates have the potential to …

  • create jobs
  • revitalize new neighborhoods
  • commercialize new technologies
  • strengthen both the local and national economy

To that end, we provide critical …

  • management guidance
  • technical assistance
  • consulting tailored to young, growing companies
  • client access to appropriate rental space and flexible leases
  • shared basic business services and equipment
  • technology support services
  • assistance in obtaining the financing necessary for company growth
  • opportunities to interact and network with other, like-minded entrepreneurs

At Inventrek, we’ve had the fortunate experience of developing business clusters in IT and engineering. This has enabled us to collaborate closely on customer projects, sharing common or complementary skills, equipment, and employees. The “eco-system” that continues to evolve at Inventrek is one of the most valued benefits of our resident clients.

For further information on the business incubation program at Inventrek, contact the Alliance.