Conference rooms/auditorium – These rooms are available to tenants.  It is a first come/first serve basis.  If you have a monthly reoccurring meeting, that can be set up as well.  



When calling (457-2000 Ext. 1242) to reserve a room and the following questions will be asked.

  • Which conference room will you need (# of attendees in your meeting)
  • Date and time you are requesting room
  • Who the reservation is for?
  • All cords/dongle/remotes can be loaned out if prearranged for presentations 


Conference rooms and capacity

  • 2A seating 25-30 with TV access
  • 2B seating 6   with TV access
  • 2C seating 10 with TV access
  • 2D seating 25 with TV, projector, and white board
  • 2E seating 8   with TV and white board
  • 1A seating 20 with projector (projects on wall)
  • 1C seating 8 with TV and whiteboard
  • Auditorium 80-90 with projector


If you are interested in renting a conference room, it will depend on the size of the room, and your time frame for the day as to the charge.  Charges run from $25-$100 depending on your needs.